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Samantha Suder Essay AP Eng. 11 Scarlet Letter Essay In the novel The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne displays his view of sin in an assortment of his characters. Through Hester Prynne, he explains her sin of adultery and how she becomes stronger by it. Reverend Dimmesdale deals with his sin of adultery personally because he does not reveal the sin, which allows him to become ill with guilt. The character Pearl is portrayed as a living sin, …

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…sin. Hawthorne forms his view of sin clearly in The Scarlet Letter. By the character, Hester Prynne, he teaches that sin can be a lesson that will make one stronger. By using the Reverend Dimmesdale, the audience is aware that when sin is hidden, it can destroy. Pearl is used in the novel, as a reminder of the sin. The novel portrays sin in a variety of ways, which Hawthorne illustrates in a successful manner.