The Scarlet Letter

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Chapter Summaries Chapter 1 This chapter briefly introduces seventeenth-century Boston, where a group of Puritans stand in front of a somber prison or a black flower of civilized society, which seems older that its age. The area around the prison is gray and gloomy. Decay and ugliness are apparent in the author’s descriptions, the only exception is a lovely wild rosebush, whose origin is uncertain, blooming by the prison door. Chapter 2 The chapter opens as …

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…a baby. Hester remained in the cottage and never removed her scarlet “A” that was no longer a stigma, but was looked at with sorrow, awe and reverence. Women came t o her with their sorrows and sought her council. Eventually Hester died and was buried beside a sunken grave (Dimmesdale’s). A very simple stone marked her grave with the legend “On a Field, Sable, the Letter ! A, Gules.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** summary of chapters