The Romantic and Progressive Aspects of Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright's favorite occupation on a Sunday afternoon was to rearrange the furniture in his Oak Park house; photographs of these experiments still exist today. They show that during his first six years there, his living room, for instance, was filled with an eclectic assortment of furniture, ferns, oriental rugs, draped shawls and curtains–all of which demonstrated the influence of the Aesthetic Movement on his taste. Six years later, though, Wright had redesigned …

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…was, in every aspect, an architect of the times. His own beliefs closely resembled those of our maturing nation, and in the regard, it is only logical that he was to become the nation's most admired and remembered architect. Not just because he was able to build masterpieces, but because his works were accessible by the general public–the same public that he related with, the same public that he was once a part of.