The Roles of Religion and Ethics in Homer's The Illiad

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Homer clearly and precisely depicts the religion and the ethics of the Achian and Trojan societies in The Iliad. During the time of the Trojan War, religion played an important role in the societies. Sacrifice, prayer, and rituals were all equally significant, and the superiority of the gods and the fates above humans were a standard of society. The gods were sacred deities to whom one had to bestow honor and respect. Within the society, …

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…dedicated to the pursuit of honor and name immortality through fame by humans who are inevitably mortal. The characters make sacrifices and pray to the gods to obtain their assistance. Formal funeral rites are a necessity for dead warriors, and it is a ritual respected by both societies. Although the gods do not control the mortal's fate, they are recognized as an influential spiritual power. Even at the price of death, these codes are followed.