The Role of the Supreme Court, Government, Economics, and Protests in the Civil Rights Movement

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There were four different elements that contributed to the success of the Civil Rights Movement: the Supreme Court, the Government, the economic situation of the time, and the protests of the movement. The role, which the Supreme Court's played in the success of the civil rights movement, was essentially one of neutrality. The Supreme Court ordered the segregation of schools and other public facilities, known as the policy of separate but equal. But the Supreme …

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…for the protesters of the movement and ordering equal employment opportunities. Congress contributed by passing laws enforcing non-discrimination, the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. The economics of the day, poverty and residential segregation in the northern cities, allowed the blacks to organize and plan demonstrations. The demonstrations and protests of the movement showed the country and the world how unjustly the blacks were being treated and forced the government to reconsider segregation.