The Role of Truth in Satyagraha Gandhi

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The Role of Truth in Satyagraha Gandhi developed a method of direct social action based upon principles of courage, nonviolence, and truth. This policy of nonviolent resistance and the search for this truth, is called satyagraha. Truth is soul or spirit; it is a major component in satyagraha. Without truth the entire method of satyagraha will fall apart and therefore, become ineffective. Where there is no truth, there can be no true knowledge, and where …

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…become aware of life’s simplicity and to recognize the unity and equality of all human beings. It tries to explain how unnecessary violence was and that a greater means does exist. This means is stronger than hate, violence, and evil. It is pure and focuses on others. It is love, and love means truth. Therefore, truth is the foundation of satyagraha, and all the other elements are based on this truth, love, and peace.