The Role of Friends and Family in "The Diary of Anne Frank".

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In The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne reveals the importance of friends and family in times of war. Throughout the book, Anne and those in the annex must depend on those around them for their emotional and physical survival. They must take their mind off the war by forcing themselves to think about non war-related subjects to remain sane, which they do by thinking about the others in the annex. Living in the Annex alone …

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…journal entries that do not show any concerns towards the war. A member of the annex, Albert Dussel, would not have been able to live for the many months that he did in the annex if not for his connection to the Franks, which gave him the invitation to the annex. Anne Frank has revealed the true meaning and necessity of those around us in times of trouble in her collection of self-reflective diary entries.