The Ring of Gyges. Philosophy Essay on Society of today and how magical gifts would be used for evil in our corrupted society.

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The Ring of Gyges The corruption of society can be attributed to human nature's continuous struggle for power. This is a predominant factor in why individuals become greedy, self-serving and cruel at the expense of others. If the Ring of Gyges existed today, it would most likely fall into the hands of the wrong person, who would use it to for self-serving purposes. In the movie and novel, The Lord of The Rings, by J.…

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…from the path of good. As was stated, our society cannot handle any amount of power without falling to the temptation of using it for evil purposes. Perhaps it is merely human nature to first amuse and please the self, before considering the well being of others less fortunate. All in all, the Ring of Gyges would most definitely bring out the worst characteristics in people because of the lack of repercussions for their actions.