The Rift Wars

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THE RIFT WARS Long before humans came to this part of the world, dwarves and elves made their homes in Caspia. Neither group bothered the other because they did not desire the lands of the other. After a time, however, their racial incompatibility began to wear on them. Since their basic attitudes and outlooks were so different, their infrequent encounters became less and less civil. Eventually, their leaders forbade their subjects to have anything to …

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…effort, slipped exhausted into death, but their magical and spiritual efforts finally triumphed, and the allies were able to hold off the onslaught of the monstrous god they called Morgion. The orcs and goblins were subsequently driven deep into the hiding places of Caspia, and relative peace finally descended upon the canyon. The dwarves and elves began to rebuild their shattered communities while the halflings invited settlers into the valley to repopulate their depleted numbers.