The Rich Boy

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Richard Lehan's evaluation of Anson Hunter, the main character in "The Rich Boy", is overall an acceptable one. Despite its vagueness and Lehan's inability to support his description and opinions about Anson Hunter with proof from Fitzgerald's short story, Lehan manages to capture, in his short account, the essence of Anson Hunter's character. Lehan is able to describe who this character is and why he behaves as he does. However, in analyzing the intriguing character …

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…due to the way he was brought up and the era, the society and the social ranks that surround him throughout his life. Anson's strong character should not be viewed as a bad quality, as Lehan indirectly tries to convey, but rather as a quality that is hard to find amongst people like Anson who have been 'sheltered' throughout their lives. Bibliography Fitzgerald, F. Scott. "The Rich Boy, " Jazz Age Tales. Naples: Lofredo, 1996, p. 9-59.