The Republic of Iraq.

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ABOUT IRAQ'S PROBLEMATIC AND THE US's RESPONSE Introduction The Republic of Iraq is a country located in southwestern Asia, at the northern tip of the Persian Gulf. Some of the world's greatest ancient civilizations--Assyria, Babylonia, and Summer--developed in the area that now makes up Iraq. The modern state of Iraq was created in 1920 by the British government. Perched on oil reserves of 120 billion to 200 billion barrels of crude, Iraq's reserves are second in size only …

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…and can have disastrous consequences for the global good. It was ironic to give Iraq 10 days to disarm, it is impossible. So the US, wanted war and they are having it. I believe too, that all the protests around the world do nothing to improve the situation. The power gap in this world is too big, and is a sad fact that politicians don't listen to the people who got the elected. The solution: Prayer.