The Renaissance

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Renaissance Period Within only a few decades, between the years 1450 and 1550, the history of the world was changed drastically. During that century, in which the modern world was born, Gutenberg perfected printing, Christopher Columbous discovered continents unknown to Europe, it was found that the Earth revolved around the sun, Luther founded a new religion, the cannon and harquebus ended the age of chivalry, and Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo created a new form of art. …

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…to radiate a sadness. I think Michelangelo's drawing is very good. The face draws your eye in so that you look into the eyes. The hat I think has been used to create a balance. Although the painting could very well be a study on the hat. I don't like Leonardo's drawing as much as Michelangelo's. It seems too sketchy and over-exaggerated. I do however think the actually drawing is very good it shows skill.