The Real Arthur

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The Real King Arthur Arthur had been identified as the son of British king Uther Pendragon, who was the son of Constantine. Whatever else Arthur is, he is a composite figure of many different legends and beliefs. Some have even related his adventures to Greek mythology. Through the centuries the concept of Arthur did not stay the same-there is no standard Arthurian legend as this legend is the result of Arthur attracting himself both the …

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…be the site of King Arthur's Camelot is undoubtedly the finest prehistoric camp in Somerset. According to legend, the hill of Cadbury is the place from which King Arthur set out to find his sword Excalibur. This important Iron-Age hill fort was reoccupied and refortified in the late 5th- or 6th- century, which was the supposed time of Arthur. Excavations have proved that this was a very high status site, as was Camelot. Bibliography none