The Rape of Nanking 3

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During World War II, six million European Jews died in the Nazi extermination camps and millions of others lost their lives in Europe, the Soviet Union, and North Africa. At the same time in Asia and the Pacific, a similar case of inhumane slaughter was committed (Shi Young xv). Millions of Chinese,Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, and others died at the hands of the Japanese perpetrators. Over the years, many books, documentaries, museum exhibits, …

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…real perpetrators were not brought to trial. Maybe, with the entire world remembering and knowing the truth about the Nanking Massacre, one day there will be enough pressure on Japan and their government to change their behavior and force them as a whole to admit the truth and pay for their crimes. As George Santayana's immortal warning as a warning to the world, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" (Chang 16).