The Rape of Nanking

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The Rape of Nanking The more one tries to accurately understand the general events of a vast subject, like the second world war, the further one must back up from individual incidences and focus on a larger picture. The acts of depravity committed by soldiers during war do not give a complete understanding of the origins of any war. The Rape of Nanking is a picture of one aspect of the Japanese occupation of Northern …

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…shorter and shorter, perpetual peace is a problem which. . .steadily approaches its goal” (Kant, 53). Perhaps the U. N. and war crimes tribunals are the seeds of some establishment of a rational international legal system dreamed into existence by Kant and pushed forward by Chang’s work. Bibliography Chang Iris The Rape of Nanking: Basic Books, New York, 1997 Clausewitz, Carl Von On War: Penguin Books Ltd., Middlesex 1968 Kant, Immanuel Perpetual Peace: Macmillan Publishing Company, New Jersey 1994.