The Qur'an: Open to Modernist interpretation?

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Compare and contrast Micheal Cook and Neil Robinson <Tab/> The Qur'an has stimulated much debate, discussion, and polemic from the very start of its revelation. It was a proselytizing tool, a source of guidance, consolation, and edification for the early Muslims and a reaction to the intransigence, scorn, and disbelief of the pagan Arabs. Since then, the Qur'an, despite, its sacred status for Muslims, as the word of God, has not …

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…of Muslim traditions could have been invented he is not entitled to invent romantic imageries in their place to explain the Qur'an. Both studies stress the historicity of the Qur'an and help to weave a tentative history of the way in which the Qur'an has been understood in different contexts up until the present day and raise the question of the possibility of seeking new interpretations of the Qur'an and its implications for Muslims today.