The Public Warehousing Company (PWC)

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Introduction: The Public Warehousing Company (PWC) was established in 1979 to provide high quality warehousing solutions and supply chain services to local, regional, and multinational customers. PWC was privatized by the Kuwait Investment Authority in June of 1997 and is currently listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange with a total market capitalization of approximately One Hundred Million Kuwaiti Dinars. PWC has a broad shareholding base that includes prominent private and public sector investor such as the National …

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…for compensation. Conclusion: PWC has performed exceptionally well over the past several years and is expected to perform even better in the future. The company has a great potential to grow. It has a large customers base, a broad line of products, a dominant share of the warehousing and storage market, and a fair position in Logistics and supply chain services. Therefore, buying PWC shares is a good investment in the long run. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**