The Prohibition Movement

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The Prohibition Movement “Used by everybody, repudiated by nobody” and that it came forth in society, “like the Egyptian angel of death, commissioned to slay if not the first, the fairest born in every family” (Encarta 98). These words by Abraham Lincoln summed up the Drys’ attitude towards the Prohibition movement. The Drys were very big supporters of Prohibition and being sober. The Wets wanted Prohibition to end. Prohibition brought about the rise of organized crime …

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…Volstead Act and on April 7, all liquor was legal to manufacture and sell; everyone celebrated with drinking parties. Prohibition brought about the rise of organized crime and crime bosses. This rise in crime glamorized violence and crime which America became to identify with. Crime bosses ruled the twenties and met their downfall in the thirties. This proves that America likes living dangerously, but after awhile it gets to be a little too much to handle.