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THE PROGRESSIVE ERA: ROOSEVELT AND WILSON The progressive Era began in 1900. It came to a halt in 1917 due to America's entrance into World War 1. During this time, two important Progressive presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, championed Progressive's politics on the national level. The History of Progressivism Progressivism was a social movement as well as a party, which protested against the industrial revolution. This was a grassroots response to the transformation of America from a …

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…and make use of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Targeting large financial, industrial, and transportation corporations received widespread popular support. "There was probably no other issue on which so many Progressive agreed." To solve the problems of labour, Progressives expanded existing government powers into the field of social welfare. BIBLIOGRAPHY May, Ernest R. The Progressive Era, Time Inc., New York, 1964. N.A. Graebner, P.L. White, A History of the American People, McGraw-Hill Inc., New York, 1971.