The Primitive State of Man vs. The Modern State of Man

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The Primitive State of Man vs. The Modern State of Man: From Grunts to Gregorian Chants Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in his discourse on the origin of inequality begins a new transition in philosophy regarding the natural laws and state of man. The question of our own existence and awareness as described by Descartes, Hobbes, and Hume now takes a bit of a turn as Rousseau begins to discuss his ideas on what might have been the …

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…man, but man was made for the world. Modern Man conceivably was not even needed to bring about order, and as one can see probably ensued more chaos than anything else. The natural or original state of primitive man is undoubtedly a way of life from which we should educate ourselves rather than ridicule. Works Cited Ellul, Jacques. The Technological Society. Vintage Books, New York; 1964. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. The Basic Political Writings. Hackett Publishing Company, Cambridge; 1987.