The Price of Individuality in Modern America

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America is freedom. As the melting pot of many races, religions, traditions and ideologies, we are responsible for keeping the opportunities available that were promised by our forefathers. Individualism is a large part of freedom, which makes it challenging to appropriately discuss the concept of the individual in American Literature among such a diverse audience. It is interesting to note how two completely singular authors--Allen Ginsberg and Walt Whitman-- from two totally distant eras, address …

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…it would probably be unexciting, and definitely not as fulfilling as the concept actually is. The truth is that the idea of individuality is so omnipotent, but in reality an individual person is just that -any individual person. Although, as Americans we tend to go for the 'juicier' of the two, the one that is more flattering to our egos. So we have a tendency to digress on the concept rather than the plain reality.