"The Power and the Glory" by Graham Greene. Includes bibliography.

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When reading a novel a person usually finds that a character or a multiple of characters within the novel change throughout the story. These characters can change their behavior, their views of a certain situation, or even their personality altogether. However, when reading the novel The Power and the Glory written by Graham Greene the reader does not find this quality within one of the major characters. The lieutenant, the antagonist and one of the …

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…his country of the menace. If it causes the distress of people in his country and the lives of some fellow countrymen, so be it. It was still not enough to alter his views to what he had to do. He had to portray the "power" within the story and end the corruption that the church has been spreading through his homeland. Sources Cited Greene, Graham. The Power and the Glory. London: Penguin Books Ltd. 1991