The Pocketbook Game

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In the short story "The Pocketbook Game" was about this black woman named Mildred ,who was carrying a conversation with her friend Marge about a situation involving Mrs.E., a lady she works for. Mildred tells Marge how Mrs. E.always holds her pocketbook close to her every time she is around. So Mildred tells Marge how she got back at Mrs.E One day Mrs E. told Mildred to do something so Mildred purposely …

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…today due to prejudging of blacks with felonies and crimes. This passage illustrated a common situation that happens to blacks on a regular basis. This theme teaches that people should not be judge on the basis of their color of their skin. Our law says innocent until proven guilty, yet blacks are always subjected to be tried as guilty until proven innocent. Alice Childress clarified through this passage a typical situation common to black people.