The Plight of the Early Irish Immigrants to Boston

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Since its conception in the early 1600’s, Boston, the so-called ‘City on a Hill,’ has opened its doors to all people of all ethnic and religious background. At times there were many who fought to prevent the immigrants, while other people, at the same time, helped those who made it to the Americas, more specifically, Boston to make a new life for themselves. The immigrants from Ireland were not unfamiliar with this trend in American …

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…unknown. Either way, I think that both the Irish-Americans and natives were content with the situation. The Irish further enriched the city that the ‘natives’ had built, in spite of the adversity that the natives had shown the Irish. In the end, I honestly think it was a win-win situation for both the Irish-Americans and the ‘natives.’ Both prospered after long periods of hard work, and also prospered because of each other’s hard work.