The Pilgrimage Across Medieval Spain

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This is my second submission of this essay because I wanted a more appropriate title. Sorry. THE PILGRIMAGE ACROSS MEDIEVAL SPAIN: "El Camino de Santiago" The Camino de Santiago began for most 10th century pilgrims in Paris, on Rue de St.Jacques. It stretched over 1,700 kms. through France and Spain, terminating at the north door of the great cathedral in Santiago. The road was lined with monasteries and charitable hostels, run for the benefit of …

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…turned up in front and marked with a few bright scallop shells. "I shall take the cockle shell" became the pilgrim's cry throughout Europe. Already, the French had learned to make a famous dish from their visits to Santiago; scallops in wine sauce served in a scallop shell and hence known as "coquile St. Jacques." The scallop shell is the pilgrimage symbol emblazoned on half the churches in Spain, and on many coats of arms.