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Life is not worth living if one lives it alone. However, is time so much more precious than satisfaction that it is better to die happy than live lonely? Of course. In Paul Zindelís The Pigman, it is better that the Pigman meets John and Lorraine even though he dies sooner than expected. Prior to meeting John and Lorraine, Mr. Pignati is a lonely individual in need of a companion. For example, when Lorraine …

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…his relationship with John and Lorraine, Mr. Pignatiís last few days become the best days of his life, after the death of his beloved wife. Mr. Pignati dies prematurely, but not alone. The length of time one lives is not as important as what they do with the time they have. As long as one lives life to the fullest as Mr. Pignati does, regret will not be the last thing on their mind.