The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Art, what is Art? It is an ambiguous matter: without an exact form, an exact meaning. Does it have any rules or restrictions? However, it can be a great influence on the lives of people. In the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, two lovers have fell in and out of love due to Art! Dorian Gray found Sibyl charming because of her Art! ¡§She has not merely art, consummate art-instinct in her, but she …

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…creature, but he put nothing of his own life into her. The one who Sibyl fell in love to, is ¡§Prince Charming.¡¨ It is only the life of Sibyl that is heard of from their ¡§love affair¡¨. Dorian never really participated, he was only a spectator. After Sybil lives in the real world, Prince Charming is killed in the world of imagination. ¡§Art for art¡¦s sake,¡¨ after Art is vanished, the relationship is over.