The Personification of Rome

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Virgil spent a substantial amount of time and research on his masterpiece, The Aeneid. His goal was to create a piece of literature that would be praised by King Augustus Caesar of Rome. In order to properly display his devotion and gratitude towards his gracious leader, Virgil wrote The Aeneid as an adoration of Rome. The book was designed to exalt the country ruled by Augustus, while simultaneously giving a sense of the new, ordered …

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…Empire and arranged a firm grounding for what was to come for its people. Aeneas set the foundation for Rome; Augustus helped to build the strength of the empire. Bibliography Africa, Thomas W. Rome of the Caesars. John Wiley & Sons, 1965. Knight, W.F. Jackson trans. The Aeneid. Virgil. Penguin Books, 1956. Kuttner, Ann L. Dynasty and Empire in the Age of Augustus. University of California Press, 1995. Mackie, C.J. The Characterisation of Aeneas. Scottish Academic Press, 1988.