The Persian Gulf War

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The Persian Gulf War On August 2nd, 1990 Iraqi military forces invaded and occupied the small Arab state of Kuwait. The order was given by Iraqi dictatorial president Saddam Hussein. His aim was apparently to take control Kuwait's oil reserves (despite its small size Kuwait is a huge oil producer; it has about 10 per cent of the world's oil reserves ). Iraq accused Kuwait, and also the United Arab Emirates, of breaking agreements that limit oil production …

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…of the Gulf War. In addition, 300,000 Iraqi soldiers were wounded, 150,000 were deserted, and 60,000 were taken prisoner (an estimate of U. S. Defense Intelligence Agency). The United States suffered 148 killed in action, 458 wounded, and 11 female combat deaths. 121 were killed in nonhostile actions; they were mostly victims of friendly fire. Table 01; Total Equipment and Casualties of Gulf War IRAQ COALITION LOST - ON HAND - LOST ON - HAND TANKS: 4000 4230 4 3360 ARTILLERY: 2140 3110 1 3633 ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIERS: 1856 2870 9 4050 HELICOPTERS: 7 160 17 1951 AIRCRAFT: 240 800 44 2600 SOLDIERS: 100000 545000 200 680000