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In John Steinbeck's The Pearl, a destitute pearl diver finds a giant pearl with which he hopes to buy peace and happiness for his family. Instead, he learns that the valuable pearl can not buy happiness but only destroy his simple life. Throughout the fable, there is a constant theme woven through the characters and setting which encompasses the struggle among social classes to become successful. Steinbeck, a novelist known for his realistic depictions of …

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…Most importantly, he shows that the struggle to become successful can destroy one's initial dreams. Kino finally realizes the worthlessness of the pearl after Coyotito's death and as Steinbeck writes: "And in the surface of the pearl he saw Coyotito laying in the cave with his head shot away. And the pearl was ugly; it was gray, like a malignant growth...And Kino drew back his arm and flung the pearl with all his might."