The Passing of Arthur and Excalibur

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John Boorman adapted the ”Passing of Arthur” in the movie “Excalibur.” Movies are not the only adaptations of Tennyson’s poem but there are several art and music adaptations. Examples of these adaptations include music by Loreena McKennit and paintings by John William Waterhouse, Howard Pyle and Arthur Rackham. In Bela Balazs’s Art Form and Material Balazs states that a good adaptation is a reinterpretation of the original. Boorman uses nature and color to …

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…is a successful adaptation of “The Passing of Arthur.” The movie did not change the text in any way but used different images. Both the winter moon and red sunset but portrayed the same idea, death. Boorman used his own creation, a red sunset to make the same statement as before but just with more emphasis. The director did his job in recreating the context of the original text. Therefore, he created a great adaptation.