The Partner by John Grisham

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As the book opens, a group of private investigators in Brazil kidnaps an American named Patrick Lanigan, a former Biloxi, Miss., lawyer who stole $90 million from his firm, and avoided capture for more than four years. Patrick changed his looks and didnít live that opulent life style of a millionaire as they thought he would be. By the time the F.B.I found out that private investigator had caught Patrick, he was half-dead, …

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…that the idea of having all the money to her self prevailed. Sandy was Patrickís friend since the College days, and even though they worked in different places, they kept in touch. After Patrickís disappearance Sandy was very supportive and even helped to his wife to rehabilitate. After Sandy learned that Patrick was a live, he wasnít critical of his behavior and even agreed to represent him as his lawyer in courtroom.