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A Day No Pigs Would Die Robert Newton Peck The book took place in rural Vermont with a young Shaker boy named Rob Peck. The novel was basically about this boy going through joyful and trying times in his youth, and his friendship with his pet pig named Pinky. Robert Peck was the main character, he was loving towards Pinky and he was obedient,( he knew if he wasnít, heíd be in big …

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…Itís just doing whatís got to be done.Ē Overall I liked this book, however, I didnít like the beginning. The author described the pain so well that I cringed as I read the passage about Apron. I even felt sad about the dog getting weaseled. The book was written well and the story was good, but Iím just thankful that I didnít have to grow up that way. Bibliography none