The Open Boat

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Naturalism in “ The Open Boat” Stephen Crane was a great writer who wrote many great stories about naturalism. Naturalism is when characters in the story, are controlled by the forces of nature. One of Crane’s greatest writings on naturalism, is the short story, “The Open Boat.” In “The Open Boat,” the theme of the story is that man has no control over his destinies and that nature controls everything. Naturalist themes prevail in Stephen …

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…of four guys can all see the lighthouse. Each and everyone of them has a general idea as to where their location. The fact that they are close enough to land to see the lighthouse but not able to make it to land was terribly frustrating. The sailors and the captain can at one point see “many little black cottages and a tall white windmill” (Hagemann 157). For the sailors to see all these ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**