The Onslaught of Love - The Broken Heart by John Donne

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THE ONSLAUGHT OF LOVE During the eighteenth century, many poets explored the concepts of love. Many of these poems discussed lost loves, or unreturned love. John Donne discussed his feelings towards love in his poem "The Broken Heart." Donne personifies love in this poem by saying how once grasped by love, it is impossible to recover from it. In the first stanza of "The Broken Heart" Donne opens by saying that love is not something …

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…first stanza. One may be able to fall in love quickly but it takes more than an hour to get over being in love. Because love is so powerful once it takes hold of the heart, it is difficult to release oneself from its grasp. If one is able to release himself from the hands of love, his heart may be so torn and broken, that it is better to never have loved at all.