"The Odyssey" by Homer, and in "The Ramayana", by R.K Narayan.

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As Circe tries to seduce men and turn them into pigs, Penelope stays loyal and obedient to her husband. While Soorpanaka tries to steal a woman's spouse and sleep with him, Sita refuses to leave her husband's side. These traits show the major differences between temptresses and ideal wives in The Odyssey and The Ramayana. Though temptresses have more force, faithful wives always end up with the better lifestyle. Both The Odyssey and Ramayana portray …

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…he was gone and refused to marry or lie with any of the suitors. Penelope and Sita showed what ideal wives they were with their actions and gestures. Both the ideal wives ended up with the heroes, while the temptresses only gained loss. Since Penelope and Sita were honest and loyal throughout the story, they will live happily, while Circe and Soorpanaka will live in remorse. These stories prove that these civilizations valued honest women.