"The Odyssey" by Homer.

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From the information presented in "The Odyssey" by Homer, it is evident that Odysseus is both an admirable leader and a poor leader. Odysseus is obviously a leader worthy of praise. For instance, Odysseus states, "...as for myself I took my twelve best fighters and went ahead" when describing how he investigates the Cyclops. He is brave enough to look into any situation, no matter how dangerous it may seem. He has the sense to …

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…a good attribute, it may also present problems. Absolutely nothing, no matter how imperative it may seem at the time, should be able to tear him away from keeping his men strong. So obviously, Odysseus has his problems with being an exemplary leader. From the data presented in "The Odyssey" by Homer, it is clearly evident that no matter how impressive a leader Odysseus is said to be, he has his weak points as well.