"The Odyssey "and the relationship between Odysseus and his son, the honorable Telemachus.

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The Honest Telemachus Telemachus is an honest person, he wants not to deceive another, therefore his response was made with true honesty. He is an honest person. It's an honorable trait, honesty, and it's cool that at Telemachus' young age, he knows that it's right to be honorable and not lead another person on. On page 84, it says that, "...young Telemachus cautiously replied..." The use of the word 'cautious' proves that Telemachus is trying his …

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…lay behind it. If Telemachus was actually not Odysseus' son, and he wasn't an honest person, he could easily deceive others. They all think that he is the son of Odysseus. He could inherit the crown and the riches. But the story doesn't lead to deceit on behalf of Telemachus so it wouldn't make sense for him to be deceited in regards to the identity of his father. It would not match the honesty and