The Odyssey 2

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Love, separation, and determination are the traits shown by Penelope and Odysseus in the Odyssey by Homer. In the twenty-year separation that Odysseus and Penelope face, they both showed what they are made of. In times of desperation, both Odysseus and Penelope are very cunning, smart, and strong willed; different situations bring out these various traits from Odysseus and Penelope. Although it is difficult for both Odysseus and Penelope to be separated for twenty-years, their …

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…and Penelope’s marriage is very successful, and they define the universal definition of marriage: in which two people love each other so much that nothing can separate them. Penelope and Odysseus are the ideal couple, the Sonny and Cher of the yesteryears. Their common traits are the bread and butter of their journey, its what they both depend on and live off of, and their love for one another is what gives them hope.