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A Comparison of Kings-Odysseus vs. Dusyanta Even though Homer's The Odyssey (eighth century B.C.) and Kalidasa's Sakuntala (fourth century A.D.) were written more than twelve centuries a part, many similarities can be found in the roles that the rulers in each play. The stories not only reflect the values of the cultures and times, but they also give a glimpse into the public and private lives of the nobility. Based on the vivid …

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…in the stories as the men interact with others and share their own thoughts. Though the men rule under different circumstances and are occupied with their own struggles, they ultimately satisfy their responsibilities and obligations and prove to be able leaders. Works cited: Homer. The Odyssey. Trans. Robert Fitzgerald. 1961. Ed. Maynard Mack. New York: W.W. Norton Company, 1995. 219-503. Kalidasa. Sakuntala. Trans. Barbara Stoler Miller. 1984. Ed. Maynard Mack. New York: W.W. Norton Company, 1995. 1181-1242.