The Odd Couple Summary

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Zach Melamed English 12/19/00 The Odd Couple Act 1 Five friends, all guys are sitting around playing poker in Oscar's apartment. The place really messy because Oscar's wife left him. The men are just hanging out, playing cards and eating food. Murray, a policeman, is wondering where Felix is because he has not missed a Poker game in over two years. The men wonder if he is at the movies or out with a girl. Frances, Felix's …

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…into the apartment. The sisters tell Felix to get his things and come back up to stay with them for a few days. The phone rings and it is Blanche,Oscar's ex-wife. She is thanking Oscar for the alimony and it is a good conversation. As he hangs up, Felix is leaving and Oscar invites him to the poker game next week. Felix accepts the invitation. The game resumes and life is back to normal.