The ODyssey

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The ODyssey Throughout Odysseus long journey over the course of twenty years, Penelope continues to wait for her one true love, Odysseus. Penelope is patient, and loyal. Penelope and Telemakhos are approached countless times by the suitors, whom she will be forced to remarry. Nearly everyone tries to convince her that Odysseus will never return. No one can convince her to remarry, so soon she is forced. Penelope has waited and waited for her one …

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…guess what a person can learn from this book other than stand up for what you believe in, is that love, is stronger than any other force on this earth. If you have that kind of love with or for someone, then you hold the greatest power in your hands. The power that Penelope and Odysseus have for each other is love, happiness, and peace. And no one, deserves to be happy more than Penelope.