The Not So Great Gatsby It describes the irony and the political incorrectness of calling Gatsby great.

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Jay Gatsby or Herman Gatz as we have learned to know wasn't that great, and neither was his dream. He seemed all right in the beginning of the novel, then the truth was revealed. Gatsby was just a simple man with a Dream, which was fine, but the means he went by to attain his dream where wrong. He was probably thinking that his ends would justify his means, but he ended up alone and …

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…be known as great. If Gatsby actually got a job and worked hard for his money then that would be great. Even though he was driven by a dream to do these illegal dishonest things it doesn't make it right. The way the book should truthfully go with Gatsby's name would, Gatsby The Great Fraud, Gatsby The Big liar, The immense crook Gatsby, or The Enormous felon Gatsby. Those names would shed some light on