The Nobel Savage in the Last of the Mohicans

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The Nobel Savage in the Novel The Last of the Mohicans The novel The Last of the Mohicans is said to be the worst of James Fenimore Coopers novels but it establishes the concept of the Nobel savage by expressing the emotions, concerns, physical descriptions of the main characters while comparing them to the barbarous Huron leader. The Mohicans (Hawk-eye, Uncas, Chingachgook) were on a journey towards Kentucky to live a freer life and escape …

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…line and vivid imagery. During its time, the novel could have been addressed as being a failure due to Coopers wit and courage to present a story of such magnitude because at that time the concept of a Native being the hero was ridiculous and absolutely absurd. Natives were regarded as servants or animals. James Fenimore Cooper presented a new attitude to a old way of thinking and for that he deserves honour and gratitude.