"The Nervous Liberals: Propaganda Anxieties from World War I to the Cold War" by Mr. Gary.

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During the First World War, people started realizing that campaigns and techniques of mass persuasion were working their way into the United States. World War I was not the first instance of the use of propaganda, but it was the period in time where propaganda was relied on heavily for the manipulation of the masses. Propaganda, labeled immediately as evil orchestrated deception, "helped observers and critics understand patriotic hysteria in all countries and the repressive …

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…wrote a book on FDR, I can almost guarantee that it would include FDR's deodorant brand and the color of his socks on the day war was declared. Also, had Gary included more information on the people that he quotes from extensively, his book would have been much more solid than what it appeared to be. Overall, this book should only be read by people interested in the studies of propaganda, and not its history.