The Nature of Death in Emily Dickinson's I've Seen A Dying Eye

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The Nature of Death in Dickinson's "I've Seen A Dying Eye" One of the most fascinating things that I find about Emily Dickinson's poetry is her overwhelming attention to detail, especially her intriguing insights on death. "I've Seen a Dying Eye," by Dickinson, is a poem about the nature of death. A sense of uncertainty and uncontrollability about death seems to exist in her poem. For example, the observer's (who is also the speaker) speech …

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…that what awaits us is not necessarily "blessed" or good, but that the observer thinks the dying person is now blessed because he or she finally knows the answer to the life-long question. It seems that Dickinson purposefully leaves the poem open-ended to keep a sense of uncertainty alive in her poem. The only time the uncertainty of death is made certain is during occurs when our eyes begin their search through the engulfing clouds.