The Native American's motivation for peace.

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By the end of his life Powhatan had established a relatively peaceful coexistence between his confederacy and the European settlers. In an essay, describe what was the Indians' motivation for peace and, ultimately, what factors led to conflict. All References are to the book Nation of Nations A Concise Narrative of the American Republic by James West Davidson, William E. Gienapp, Christine Leigh Heyrman, Mark H. Lytle, Michael B. Stoff In the early 1600's on …

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…goals of Indian leaders like Powhatan." (Nation of Nations, 36) This was the ultimate factor that lead to the downfall of Powhatan's peace with the English. Thus the reasons for Powhatan initially helping the English was for personal gain, and power, and the ultimate factor that lead to the downfall of that symbiotic relationship was the same personal gain. As the English and the Indian tribes had different goals and requirements that clashed with one another.