The Nathaniel Hawthorn uses plants as a symbolic object in his novel the "Scarlet letter".

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Plant Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter When examining the literary style of the American authors, it is easily recognizable that symbolism is a key factor in these pieces. Symbolism has been used to better enhance these novels, and convey main themes and character insights very well. Perhaps the most recognizable and prestigious symbolic literature is Nathaniel Hawthorn's The Scarlet Letter. The reader is exposed to a wide variety of tactics and and usages of symbolism …

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…plants has better helped to convey the main themes mentioned in the novel. Plants create an image ranging from beautiful to ugly and the symbols Hawthorne uses achieve their intended purpose in creating the mood and feeling that each plant tries to represent. Symbolism has often done a spectacular job in adding to the literature of American writers. The Scarlet Letter is no exception, and certainly should be regarded as a very well composed novel.