The Mystery of Tut

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The Tutankhamen Mystery Nebkheprune Tutankhamen is probably the most famous pharaoh in ancient Egyptian history, although not the most important. He lived a very short life, from 1503 to 1482 BCE to be exact. He was the ruler by the time he had turned nine years of age. Nobody really knows that much about him because he lived to only be around eighteen years old. Only because of an archaeologist by the name of Howard Carter who …

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…the Syrian monarch asking him to send one of his sons to marry her following the death of her husband because she was without a son to take care of her; Ankhespaton, must not been entirely ruled out as a suspect neither. This proves that Tutankhamen’s death, to this day, is still an unsolved mystery and will most likely stay that way forever.... unless someone comes forth and admits it. Not likely anytime soon.