The Mystery Surrounding the Dreyfus Affair

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The Mystery Surrounding the Dreyfus Affair by Mitchell Fishbein A.P. European History Mr. Ascuito April 4, 1999 The Dreyfus affair was the result of many unfortunate circumstances, not the planned premeditated intervention of the French Army. It was the outcome of reasonable suspicion, acted on by contempt, some circumstantial evidence, and instinctive prejudice. However, the intentional army coverup, and shady courtroom procedures, were responsible for suppressing important evidence and keeping an important French Army officer incarcerated …

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…conclusion that the real traitor was an Infantry Major named Walsin Esterhazy. Esterhazy seemed a much better candidate for a spy. He drank, whored, was a bad father, and had gambling debts. He brought his findings to the Chief and Assistant Chief of the General Staff, Generals Boisdeffre and Gonse. Picquart soon realized, due to Boisdeffre and Gonse's unwillingness to either prosecute Esterhazy or release Dreyfus, that the French Army's honor was at stake. He